Criminal of Love by By Kilian for Unisex 2.5 oz EDP Spray Tester

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The “The Art of Love” collection by By Kilian, released in 2014, features four completely new and unique fragrances. One of them is Kilian Criminal of Love. Each of the four fragrances of The Art of Love collection is placed in an egg bottle, which takes 50 hours to make. The production of bottles is entrusted to the best French glassblowing workshop Pochet du Courval. The glass containers are coated first with metal and then with black varnish to achieve a complete impermeability effect. Then a small window is made using the laser. Kilian Criminal of Love is a real provocation with violations of the usual laws of perfumery. In the heart again, a Turkish rose in combination with Atlas cedar. However, their sound almost drowns the duet of Guatemalan cardamom and Indian saffron, which immediately make it clear that it will be hot. The scandalous chord continues the dark business, for which the perfumer Dorothea Pio, with an unshakable hand, combined Somali incense and Serbian tobacco, adding to their ductility due to the oil of Indonesian patchouli. Sharp, sharp and at the same time heady-oily and sensual, it is a fragrance for especially dangerous criminals who need to be handcuffed as soon as possible - satin, which you will find in a box with the fragrance.

Launch Year: 2014
Tester Description: No Cap - This tester comes without a cap
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