Dangerously in Love by By Kilian for Unisex 2.5 oz EDP Spray Tester


The “The Art of Love” collection by By Kilian, released in 2014, features four completely new and unique fragrances. One of them is Kilian Dangerously in Love. Each of the four fragrances of The Art of Love collection is placed in an egg bottle, which takes 50 hours to make. The production of bottles is entrusted to the best French glassblowing workshop Pochet du Courval. The glass containers are coated first with metal and then with black varnish to achieve a complete impermeability effect. Then a small window is made using the laser. The last two copies of The Art of Love collection are considered conditionally masculine, but let this not stop lovers of strong smells. Dangerously in Love is just that - domineering, expressive, imposing. The Turkish rose soloing here, thanks to the efforts of perfumer Sidoni Lansesser, sang perfectly with the Virginian cedar and the absolute of peach and blackcurrant flowers. The proportions are verified brilliantly: freshness and sweets are equally divided here. Due to the notes of oak moss, leather and musk, the smell has gained astringency and strength, which is not easy to resist. It ties like a braided silk rope, logically offered as an accessory.

Launch Year: 2014
Tester Description: No Cap - This tester comes without a cap
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