Lemon by Art Of Shaving for Men 3.4 oz AFTER SHAV Spray

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What it is: As the final step in The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave, the Lemon After-Shave Balm is an essential part in achieving The Perfect Shave. What it does: Every time you shave a small layer of skin is removed and natural moisture is depleted. This expert emollient treatment rejuvenates and soothes skin, allowing you to shave every day, with seriously smooth results. What else you need to know: The Lemon shaving line consists of this precious oil extracted from the peel of fresh, golden California lemons, using cold pression to retain the utmost in purity and long- lasting aroma. Enhanced by a custom blend of citrus mandarin leaf, bergamot, petitgrain. Sweetened with cyclamen, Indian jasmine and white lily. Warmed with soothing undertones of woodsy, smoky, vetiver and rich earthy oakmoss.

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