Perfume is allowed in carry-on luggage.  When you see an airplane logo next to perfume, it means that the perfume comes in either a 1-2 oz bottle,  is a mini or roller and it is safe to pack it in your carry-on bag while traveling.

How many bottles of perfume can I bring on a plane?

According to TSA website, you can bring as many 3.4-ounce containers as will fit comfortably in a one-quart, clear plastic zip-close bag. Each passenger is limited to one such bag. Any liquid greater than 3.4 ounces that isn't medically necessary must go in your checked luggage.

Even though you are able to take your 3.4 oz bottle of perfume with you, it can be impractical to carry a full-sized bottle for a short trip or vacation.  

On the other hand, the smaller size perfume bottles are more travel-friendly and makes it make it easy to smell great on the go.  

If you still want to carry that full sized perfume with you, its better to pack it in your checked luggage.

If you’re checking a bag, you can pack unlimited quantities of liquids in it. To protect the other items in your bag is to wrap your perfume bottle with bubble wrap and place it in zip-lock bag, just in case if anything opens in flight. That will prevent anything leaking onto your clothes.

How to Travel with perfume in my carry-on bag?

  •  Use refillable perfume dispensers. There’s no need to pack your entire bottle of perfume or cologne as it’s likely over the 3.4 oz. limit. Instead, if you’re a frequent traveler, you can purchase a refillable travel-size perfume bottle that meets 3-1-1 requirements.
  • Pack your liquids, gels and aerosols separate from other toiletries. It makes more sense to pack your liquids in the zip-top bag and put your razor, toothbrush, floss, lipstick and your solid deodorant in a separate bag.