Our OBSESSION with fragrances began in the 80’s in the 212 area code of New York City.

We were LUCKY to be one of the first 5 stores to wholesale fragrances to the public. It was during that time our MANIA and JOY of fragrances became a PASSION.

We realized early on that women wanted to smell BEAUTIFUL and men wanted to smell like a MILLION bucks and that we wanted to fill that DESIRE.

Our "WONDERLUST" and search for different markets that blended the best of fashion and celebrity eventually brought us to the great city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is VERY IRRESISTIBLE to us and the great city inspired us to move from NYC. Though our BOND with NYC is ever present, the GLOW of LA has a MAGNETISM that is hard to ESCAPE.

Our PREMIERE store opened in Los Angeles in the year 2000 and we have been a staple for the local market for over 15 years. See what our customers say about us. Yelp.com, FB.com, Google.com

With over 18,000 different fragrances out there it is a MIRACLE anyone can navigate the different scents. At perfumes.la we want to help guide you to make sure you dontsmellbad.com and never pay full price.

We COACH our staff so you will always have someone to help you smell like a BOSS or a PRINCESS but it our sincere ROMANCE with perfume that drives us every day.