AD by Armando Docci for Woman 2.7 oz EDP Spray

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Armani d'Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum / mi has a special and mixed scent that is sweet, sharp and slightly bitter at the same time, which
reminds of the romantic season of autumn.
The very unique scent of this cologne is used only for very special people and is not liked by the general public. A very special scent that has never been repeated in any cologne, Despite this, it has little resemblance to the very formal cologne of Hermes. Eau de Parfum ED from Demont Paris and Armano Ducey Paris family, in addition to its special scent, has a beautiful diamond-shaped bottle to perfect its beauty and present to lovers, I you have a lover and you want to surprise him, the best option for the
happiness of your loved ones moments is to give this beautiful cologne as a gift, What multiplies this beauty is the exclusive sale of this colagne by the representative of Demont Paris, the Mavraz store, and it cannot be sold
anywhere else unless it is made from Demont Paris, Havraz perfume confirms the beauty, fragrance and uniqueness of this work of art

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